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"Special Offer for Animal Rescues ONLY"
[all other interested affiliate partners see below]

There are two ways Animal Rescues can participate.

# 1. You can sell your products in our store.
# 2. Place a link to our site on your website and get commissions if shoppers come from your site to shop here.

Selling your products here: We do not charge Animal Rescues a set-up fee to sell their products in our store, we will set your products up and you will receive invoices when your orders come in. We will receive a 5% fee on each completed order, before tax/shipping charges are added. You will receive a check or PayPal payment, your choice, each month once your total is $10.00 or more in any given month for your total sales. Monthly sale totals under $10.00 will carry over to the next month.

Linking to us: Any animal rescue that wishes to link to our site will receive a 5% commission of any order total before tax/shipping, if applicable, is added to that order, when anyone coming from your site to ours completes an order [be sure and tell them to choose your rescue as the referring link when ordering]. You will receive a check or PayPal payment, your choice when you have a total of $10.00 or more in commission for your account. Monthly sale totals under $10.00 will carry over to the next month.

Contact Us if you have any questions or are interested in participating.

What WE Do
  • We set your products up for a one time set-up charge of $50.00, this can include up to 25 products, if you have more than 25 products please contact us for a quote
  • We send your customers & you copies of the orders
  • We let them know once the order is processed and shipped
  • We keep tally of all your customers orders and your portion per the rules & guidelines described
What YOU Do
  • Process your orders and send your products to your customers
  • Collect your money from us for any orders you've gotten

When a customer orders, you and they will get a copy of the order invoice. Once you have filled and shipped the order let us know and and we'll mark it processed and shipped, if your customer creates an account before checking out they will be able to log in anytime to check on the status of current or previous orders and will be notified that their order is complete and has been shipped. We take care of sending your customers the order emails and invoices, basically everything OTHER than the actual making and shipping of your products! You will receive a copy of your total orders for the month with the amount your check will be for and what our 5% total is ... if your order total is $10.00 or more for that month, if not your total will carry over to the next month. If you feel there is a discrepency in the amounts of either total please notify us right away so we can determine if a mistake has been made.

This is one of the best deals on the internet because we have no base price per item (like cafe press), you can charge what ever you like and we will only receive 5% of the order total [per completed invoice], before tax/shipping is added! You'll make alot more money for your sales with us!

Sound good, contact us to discuss things in detail, we'd love to have you join the 'For You By Us' family.

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